Davis Accounting & Tax Meeting Room (Boardroom) Rental Terms and Conditions

Davis Accounting & Tax Meeting Room (Boardroom) Rental Terms and Conditions

This is an agreement between the Renter (Davis Accounting and Tax) & Rentee/Host (the Party Renting Boardroom Space).

When booking the boardroom there is a minimum fee of two hours; if desired for longer there are additional one hour increments available at $52.50 (GST Included).

Reservations must be made one week prior to; if additional time is required during your reservation it must be confirmed with the office that the time and space is available.

Payments are non-refundable and are due upon reservation using the online booking system. This includes the initial booking on the online booking site and if there are additional last minute one hour reservations required it can be done online or at the office in person (when management is available).

  • If all bookings are done through Acuity, our online reservation and appointment website, the payment will be due at that time.
    • Click here to reserve initial two hour spot
    • Click here to reserve any additional hours required
  • If, at the time of your reservation, there is a need for additional one hour bookings, payment will be made directly to the office or online here. 

Boardroom Access and Locking Up
Within 24 hours of online booking you will receive an email with further instructions and information. The code for the key box will be provided to the host at least 24 hours prior to reserved meeting time. 

Upon exiting the office, if the Renter/Office Management is not present, the door must be locked and the key returned. 

Lost keys will be subject to $200.00 fee. 

Covid-19 Sanitation
The boardroom will be sanitized prior to the hosts reservation time. 

Upon leaving we ask that the host sanitize the room by  wiping down all chairs, tables and other surfaces. Cleaning supplies will be provided by the renter/office management. 

We also ask that the host please take all garbage out of the boardroom with them. 

While Using Boardroom
Public washrooms are on the first floor, down the stairs, continue straight and turn left down the hall, the washrooms will be on the right (the second floor washrooms are for staff only).

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Host and guests are limited to the front waiting area and boardroom. Host and guests are not permitted to use the reception desk, computers, storage room, coffee machine, or back offices.

The boardroom has one table and six chairs, if more are required please ask before booked time and they will be supplied.

Host and guests are required to be out of the building by 8:00 pm on weekdays and 6:00 pm on Saturday.

Host and guests are aware that there are security cameras on site. 

Davis Accounting and Tax is not liable for any personal injury or property damages that occur during the rental period. 

Any damage or theft will be the responsibility of the host. 

Note that the use of our company name or address is not permitted to be used in any of your publications, website, advertising or other forms of media.