Q. I want you to do my corporate taxes, now what?

A. Here’s the process:

1)      You can save time by downloading the forms that you’re going to have to fill out.

2)      Download and review this letter to know exactly what you’re going to need to provide to have your year-end done. This will save you having to dig up extra information after we start the process.

3)     Book your appointment online here. If you can’t find a time that works for you just send me an email at info@davisaccounting.ca or call 780-244-1510 and we’ll find a time that works for you!

4)     I will meet with you to gather information about you and your business. After our meeting I will review your financials and prepare an engagement letter and fee estimate which you will receive shortly thereafter and off we go from there!

Q. I want you to do my personal taxes, now what?

A. Here’s the process:

1)     Download the personal tax checklist and pre-filled authorization form  here. For the authorization form, you only need to complete Part 1 & 5. Complete both forms and return by fax to 780-665-6179 or email to info@davisaccounting.ca.

2)     You will receive an engagement letter and fee estimate by email to be signed and returned prior to the preparation of your tax returns.

3)     YOU CHOOSE:

    a.     If you want to come in, book your appointment online here. If you can’t find a time that works for you just send me an email at info@davisaccounting.ca or call 780-244-1510 and we’ll find a time that works for you!

    b.     Provide your tax slips electronically by fax or email (as listed above).

4)     Once the return is complete, we will book you in a time to come in and discussed the prepared tax returns and any important tax planning issues that arise.

Q. Do we have to meet in person?

A. Not necessarily. I provide services to clients in other jurisdictions and respect the fact that many clients have schedules or locations that impede their ability to meet face to face. A lot of correspondence and document submissions can be done by fax or email, if you are comfortable with that. The one exception to this rule is first time year-end corporate clients. I do need to meet with you prior to initiating any services in order to fully discuss your needs and ensure we are the right match for each other.

Q. Why aren’t prices listed for all of your services?

A. While some services have set rates, others are based on the complexity of the returns and the number of adjustments that are required. This type of billing creates a fairer billing system for clients as it is based on their individual situations. This is common for both corporate year ends and personal tax returns. An engagement letter and fee estimate will always be provided to you before any work is done and any adjustments necessary to the fee structure would be discussed with you beforehand, no nasty surprises!

To give you a idea of pricing, here is a general guideline on our rates:

Basic Personal Tax Preparation: $95+ (prior years) $105+ (2019 – includes application for the Climate Action Incentive!)
Personal Tax Preparation including Rental or Business Income: $170+
Corporate Tax Return Preparation and Financial Statement Compilation : $1,995+
Accounting & Taxation Advice: $195 – $250/hr
Bookkeeping/Tax Services (hourly): $75 – $85/hr

Note that the “+” indicates that these are starting prices and additional charges will be determined based on the amount of work or additional schedules required, depending on the engagement.

Q. Do you charge a retainer?

A. Yes, there is a prepayment/deposit required for most services that is payable at the time of accepting the engagement. This amount will represent a portion of the estimated total fee and will be outlined in the Engagement Letter that you receive. The remainder of the fee will be payable upon completion of services. There are multiple payment methods available for both the deposit and the full invoice.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We currently accept cash (exact change only), debit, cheque, interact email transfer, and all major credit cards.

Q. What’s the difference between a designated accountant (CPA, CGA, CMA, CA) and any other accountant offering the same services?

A. As you may know, all of the accounting designation associations in Canada have recently merged to become one easy-to-understand designation: Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). CPA members have undergone many years of education and rigorous testing, in the areas that matter most to you and your business. Before being accepted as members of an accounting association, individuals are required to work successfully in the field in a wide variety of positions.  This ensures that the CPA you rely on has more than just education, they have real world experience!

In addition, CPA members are held to high ethical standards, both within and outside of their work (See here: http://www.cga-alberta.org/Protecting-the-Public/Code-of-Ethical-Principles-and-Rules-of-Conduct). Registered Professional Accounting Firms (PAF) (those that provide tax and assurance services) are CPAs that are held to the highest standards in order to protect the profession and the public (you). There is a review board that reviews PAF’s work and practices on a regular basis in order to ensure compliance with these standards.

What does this all mean? Chartered Professional Accountants are well-educated, well experienced, and held to the highest standards so that you can rely on the professionals you hire. For more information of what CPAs do, check this out: https://www.cpacanada.ca/en/the-cpa-profession/what-cpas-do

Q. Can you cut me a deal?

A. As a professional accountant, I focus on  providing quality service to clients with a high degree of care and integrity. In addition, as a CPA member and Registered Public Accounting Firm, I am held to the highest ethical standards. With many years of education and experience under my belt I am well suited to providing exemplary accounting service to you. As such, I am in this business to provide value to my clients, not to undercut my fellow professional colleagues. In this field, “you get what you pay for” tends to be an unfortunate reality, as I have often heard from many of my clients.  If your sole interest is cost savings, I would suggest you would may happier with a different firm.